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Rapid Thermal Processing & Rapid Thermal Annealing Systems (RTP/RTA)

CVD Equipment Corporation offers research and production of rapid thermal processing (RTP) and rapid thermal annealing (RTA) systems for the solar cells, graphene, carbon nanotubes, nanowires, LEDs, MEMS, semiconductors, industrial coatings industries. RTP can be configured for oxidation, annealing, silicon dioxide, silicon nitride, contact alloying, tin oxide, GaAs implant activation, PSG and BPSG reflow, silicon dielectrics and many other processes.

RTP/RTA System Features Include:

  • Atmospheric and reduced pressure systems to process wafers and large panels.
  • Single and multi-zone systems using orthogonal linear, parallel linear or axisymmetrical infrared lamps.
  • Process temperatures from 400 °C > 1300 °C
  • Fast response and low thermal mass allows temperature ramping > 100 °C /second.
  • Automatic microprocessor control systems.
  • Atmospheric (APCVD), Low Pressure (LPCVD), Ultra High Vacuum (UHVCVD) operation.
  • High purity gas controls feature 316 L stainless steel orbital welded gas lines, VCR connections, mass flow controllers, sub-micron filtration, air-operated Nupro valves and inject/run manifolds.
  • Stainless steel, water cooled, viton O-ring sealed end cap assembly mates with the high purity quartz tube or axially symmetric chamber. Systems have dedicated gas injectors and a positive exhaust line.
  • High vacuum load lock available.

The RTP/RTA system shown to the right are an examples of many custom CVD systems we design and manufacture in-house for innovators working on next generation process and material development. We have customers worldwide at universities, governmental labs, startup and fortune 500 companies.

Please contact us to discuss your custom CVD equipment needs at:

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RTP/RTA Images

Rapid Thermal Processing & Rapid Thermal Annealing System
RTP system to process substrate
Rapid Thermal Annealing CIGS system
RTP Chamber
Infrared Chamber
Single Wafer Cantilever Loading Station
Underpower Hot Process Chamber from End View
Heated Rectangular Quartz Chamber
Rectangular Quartz chamber for RTP system

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