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Reel To Reel (Roll to Roll) CVD Process Tool

CVD Equipment Equipment's reel to reel (or roll to roll) chemical vapor deposition process tools deposit materials on a continuous roll of flexible metal foils, plastics, and other materials in place of individual substrates. The technology has been used for superconductor tape production and nanomaterial synthesis and is growing in popularity for thin film solar deposition. Reel to reel processing offers high production volumes at a low cost, depositing quality films with consistent results.

We have successfully developed reel to reel systems for many applications. Custom systems can be engineered to accommodate various tape widths and lengths. 

The reel to reel system shown to the right is an example of many custom CVD systems we design and manufacture
in-house for innovators working on next generation process and material development. We have customers worldwide at universities, governmental labs, startup and fortune 500 companies.

Please contact us to discuss your custom CVD equipment needs at:

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Reel to Reel/Roll to Roll Images

reel to reel system
reel to reel system
unloading of reel
mocvd hot chamber
mocvd hot chamber

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