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Accelerating Commercialization of

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CVD Equipment Corporation’s Application Laboratory offers a “one-stop” solution to accelerate the commercialization of CVDGraphene™ products.

We provide:

  • Trial CVDGraphene™ materials for R&D and IP development
  • Graphene manufacturing and transfer process capabilities
  • Process customization for specific applications
  • Custom manufacturing scale up processes
  • Direct access to a very talented group of equipment engineers to develop the most cost efficient, low risk scale up solution for large scale and/or high volume implementation of CVDGraphene™.

Our CVDGraphene™ products are sold through our wholly owned subsidiary, CVD Materials Corporation.

Graphene is an appealing material for potential use in many applications such as:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Filtration
  • Graphene electronics
  • Transparent and flexible electronics
  • Optoelectronics (solar cells, LED’s, etc)
  • MEMS and NEMS
  • Chemical and Biosensors
  • TEM supports
  • and many other applications

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CVDGraphene™ Products Available

CVDGraphene™ on Ni cvdgraphene on 4 inch wafer CVDGraphene™ on Ni cvd graphene on sio2/si wafer
CVDGraphene™ on Ni

thick CVDGraphene film (3-10 layers typical) on Ni film
CVDGraphene™ on Cu single layer cvdgraphne on copper foil CVDGraphene™ on Cu CVDGraphene™ on Copper Foil CVDGraphene™ on Cu Annealed  Cu foil with large Cu grains with single layer CVDGraphene film coverage CVDGraphene™ on Cu Monolayer CVDGraphene™ film  grown on Cu catalyst foil CVDGraphene™ Raman Spectra on CuMonolayer CVDGraphene™ Raman SpectraCVDGraphene™ on Cu Bilayer CVDGraphene™ film grown on Cu catalyst foil CVDGraphene™ Raman Spectra on CuMonolayer CVDGraphene™ Raman Spectra

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